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About Achanta Bharat Rao Trust

ABR Trust is formed by Achanta family in the memory of our beloved father late Sri. Achanta Bharat Rao to propagate education, women and child health to the underprivileged. Basic philosophy is share the wealth with underprivileged by providing the basic platform to succeed in the life and use their potential.

Sri Achanta Bharat Rao was born in Gandhi Nagar, West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India, into a family of eight as an eldest son. He was educated to PUC. After education he was selected as Assistant Station Master in Railways. He had to give up the Station Master position in Railways to take up the large responsibility of his family. He always propagated the importance of education, charity and better health care for the needy. He has encouraged the formation of School Committees, sponsored primary and secondary education to many children. He discouraged child labor and encouraged and supported parents to send their children to school. He provided free basic health care for all his workers. He passed away in 1994 and survived by his wife Mrs. Radhakrishnaveni and sons Ravi, Gopi and Prasad.

Achanta family currently resides in Chicago, USA and is involved in several businesses and community activities. Mr. Achanta Bharat Rao always believed in education as the most important factor in life and encouraged his children and other to strive for best education and supported the cause all hi life to his level best. His next interest was helping the needy and poor and providing them the necessary basic health care.

With his thoughts in our mind, we have dedicated our selves to fulfill his dreams of providing education to under privileged and poor children who have lot potential to succeed in life, but never get an opportunity. We have also adopted a concept of providing basic health care to children and women.

In short, our motto is to impact 10,000 families with our efforts by providing the education and health care needs. Also adopt whole villages to provide education, water and health care services in the most backward regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Future Activities

1. We are working to setup a Oldage Home for senior citizens who are rejected by their families, or in need of housing and care. A complex consists of a housing facility for Senior citizens, library, clinic and computer lab will be set up in 5 acres.

2. A plan is in place to adopt four villages medically from backward region of Andhra and Telangana. A complete free health care will be provided to people who cannot afford health care for most common diseases. We are working with physicians in USA and India to make this project successful

Recent Activities

We have worked on several projects with various organizations in the areas of education, health care and senior care areas.

1.   Full Educational Sponsorship for 4 Engineering      Students (4 years)
2.    Collaboration with Eye Clinic, A.P.
3.   DVR Trust, Hyderabad/Mahaboobnagar, AP
4.   Food Distribution during Covid Charitable Trust,      Hyderabad, India
6.   Individual Educational Sponsorships
Email: info@abrtrust.org, www.abrtrust.org